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Crimp Top 11mm Clear Glass 0.3mL HPLC Autosampler Vials w/ Micro-Insert & Writing Patch - 100/pk, CV1935

Tisch 11mm crimp top vials have a volume of 0.3mL and provide an excellent seal for long term sample storage and analyses involving high volatile solvents. Standard vials for GC and HPLC applications.
  • Borosilicate Glass material provides higher quality material that is more resistant to thermal shock
  • Integrated insert supports samples of the highest purity and sensitivity
  • White ceramic writing patch allows for easy labeling
  • Clear color provides for an unhindered view of the solution to observe any changes
  • Highest quality ISO9001:2015 certification in the industry ensures most accurate analysis of samples

Important Ordering Information: Caps & septa sold separately.
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Quantity per Pack100
Cap TypeCrimp Top
Cap Size11mm
Vial SizeND11
ColorClear / Transparent
MaterialBorosilicate Glass
Working Volume (mL)0.3mL
Working Volume (μL)300 μL
InsertConical, base bonded, integrated insert
Writing PatchYes
Diameter (mm)11.6mm
Height (mm)32mm
O.D. x H (mm)12 x 32mm
Autosampler Compatibility
  • Waters 717Plus
  • Waters Acquity
  • Waters CapLC
  • Waters WISP
  • Shimadzu AOC14/1400
  • Shimadzu AOC-20
  • Shimadzu AOC88/9
  • Shimadzu AOC-5000
  • Shimadzu LC 2010
  • Shimadzu SIL-HT/10ADVP
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX A-200s/AS 150/800/8000
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX AS 3000/TRACE GC
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX ASI-100
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX SURVEYOR LC
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX TriPlus
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX WPS-3000RS
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX WPS-3000SL
  • Techcomp / Varian 8034/8035/8100/8200
  • Techcomp / Varian 9095/9100
  • Techcomp / Varian CP-84100
  • Perkinelmer Autosystem GC/XL/AS-2000
  • Perkinelmer Claru 500/600
  • Perkinelmer Integral 4000
  • Perkinelmer ISS-100/200
  • CTC Analytics Combipal
  • Agilent 1050
  • Agilent 1090
  • Agilent 1100
  • Agilent 1200
  • Agilent 1260 G1329B
  • Agilent 1290
  • Agilent 79855(A)
  • Agilent CTC HTS+HTC PAL
  • Agilent 5880
  • Agilent 5890
  • Agilent 6850
  • Agilent 6890
  • Agilent 7673A
  • Agilent 7683A
  • Agilent 7820A
  • Agilent 790AA
  • Agilent 7890B
  • Agilent CTC GC PAL
More Information
Autosampler Model Agilent 1050, Agilent 1090, Agilent 1100, Agilent 1200, Agilent 1260 G1329B, Agilent 1290, Agilent 5880, Agilent 5890, Agilent 6850, Agilent 6890, Agilent 7673A, Agilent 7683A, Agilent 7820A, Agilent 7890B, Agilent 790AA, Agilent 79855(A), Agilent CTC GC PAL, Agilent CTC HTS+HTC PAL, CTC Analytics Combipal, Perkinelmer Autosystem GC/XL/AS-2000, Perkinelmer Claru 500/600, Perkinelmer Integral 4000, Perkinelmer ISS-100/200, Shimadzu AOC-20, Shimadzu AOC-5000, Shimadzu AOC14/1400, Shimadzu AOC88/9, Shimadzu LC 2010, Shimadzu SIL-HT/10ADVP, Techcomp / Varian 8034/8035/8100/8200, Techcomp / Varian 9095/9100, Techcomp / Varian CP-84100, Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX A-200s/AS 150/800/8000, Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX AS 3000/TRACE GC, Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX ASI-100, Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX SURVEYOR LC, Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX TriPlus, Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX WPS-3000RS, Thermo Fisher Scientific / DIONEX WPS-3000SL, Waters 717Plus, Waters Acquity, Waters CapLC, Waters WISP
Manufacturer Tisch Scientific

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