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Inline Disk Filters, Glass Fiber

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Our Glass Fiber Disk Filter housings are 50mm in diameter and are made of 100% polypropylene. They are thermally bonded. We do not use adhesives.

Both the entry and exist ends are 7-13 mm stepped hose barb. A standard luer slip syringe can be used as well. The membrane filtration area is > 3 square inches. The maximum operating pressure is > 45 psi.

All of the Tisch disk filters can be sterilized by autoclave using a cycle of 30 minutes at 123 degrees C at 1 bar. In place steam sterilization is not recommended. An integrity test should be performed after autoclaving

Product Specifications
Wettability Hydrophilic
Maximum operating temperature 60 Degrees C
Filtration Area (cm2) 19.6
Burst pressure (KPa) 300
Housing material PP
Pore Sizes Available 0.45um, 1um/td>

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