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PTFE Disk Filters

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Tisch brand 50mm PTFE disk filters work well as equipment protection filters for in-line vacuum filter systems. The housings are made of 100% polypropylene and are thermally bonded without the use of any adhesives.

The inlet and outlet are a 7-13 mm stepped hose barb. The internal diameter of the disk filter also accepts a standard luer slip syringe. The filtration of the 50mm disc filter is > 3 square inches. The maximum operating pressure is > 45 psi.

All of the Tisch disk filters can be sterilized by autoclave using a cycle of 30 minutes at 123 degrees C at 1 bar. In place steam sterilization is not recommended. An integrity test should be performed after autoclaving

Protecting your equipment and employees from harmful contaminants is very important. Choose Tisch 50mm disk filters for maximum safety. Our disc filters prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of suction and vacuum pump systems at the same time, eliminating exhaust hazards.

Product Specifications
Wettability Hydrophobic
Maximum operating temperature 60 Degrees C
Filtration Area (cm2) 19.6
Burst pressure (KPa) 300
Housing material PP
Pore Sizes Available 0.10um, 0.22um, 0.45um, 1um

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