Filters for use with Ground Water and Waste Water

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Stricter environmental regulations and a need for recycling water have led to an increase in the need to filter waste water and ground water either for research in a laboratory or on an industrial scale. In both cases the water may be backlogged with moderate to heavy particulate. Some things to take into consideration when determining the suitable filter for your ground water or waste water application:

What is the sample volume being filtered?

If your sample volume is 250ml or less, a regular syringe filter may work for your application. If it is larger than 250ml your application may require the use of in-line or process filters. A standard disposable syringe filter will not be able to handle these larger volumes and may become clogged or need to be changed out frequently during the application.

Do you require a pre-filter?

It is important to determine the amount of particulate in your water. If the water is heavily saturated with large particulate, you may need to consider the use of a pre-filter to extend the life of the membrane or increase the flow in the filtration device you decide to use. Depending on your sample volume, Tisch Scientific manufactures GD-4 syringe filters which come with multiple pre-filter layers built into the syringe filter, these may be an option for you. See our Glass Fiber, Nylon, and PES Multi-Layer GD4 Filters here

Common types of membrane materials used in ground or waste water applications:


Nylon Membranes are the most ideal and cost efficient choice for aqueous filtration which makes them the most commonly used in waste or ground water filtration. These naturally hydrophilic membranes feature excellent flow rates along with very low extractable levels. This membrane is frequently utilized in industrial water applications. View our Nylon Membrane Filters here View our Nylon Syringe Filters here View our In-line Nylon Disk Filters here View our In-line Nylon Capsule Filters here


PES (Polyethersulfone) Membranes are hydrophilic and have a remarkable asymmetrical pore structure which allows them to have a high dirt loading capacity while maintaining a fast flow rate. This feature alone makes them a great choice for particulate laden ground or waste water filtration. View our PES Membrane Filters here View our PES Syringe Filters here View our In-line PES Disk Filters here View our In-line PES Capsule Filters here

Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber Membranes prove to be very useful as a pre-filter for heavy particulate laden samples which makes them another optimal choice for ground or waste water filtration. Glass Fiber Membranes can be used as a prefilter with another membrane material or they can be used on their own. View our Glass Fiber Syringe Filters here View our In-line Glass Fiber Disk Filters here View our Glass Fiber Filter Paper here Requesting Samples If you are still unsure of the membrane material you would like to use for your ground or waste water filtration, Tisch Scientific offers free product samples for testing prior to purchase. In order to request samples simply click the green, “Request a Sample,” button on any product page. Or click here. We will promptly send you samples within a business day.
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