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  1. Incubators

    The Biologix Shaking Incubator (HCM100-PRO) has a heating range of 15-100 degrees Celsius and mixes at speeds up to 1500 RPMs. This unit operates on 100-120V/60Hz.
  2. Magnetic Stirrers

    Select from our Biologix Ecostir Mini Magnetic Stirrer. Speed of 300-2000 rpm, constructed of chemically resistant PET material. Support stand included. Operates on 100v- 240v/50hz/60hz. Or our Biologix flatspin magnetic stirrer. Speed range of 15-1500 rpm. Operates on 100v-240v/50hz/60hz.
  3. Magnetic Hotplates

    The Biologix Magnetic Hotplate and Stirrer (MS-H280-PRO) provides simultaneous stirring of 1500 RPM and heating up to 280 degrees Celsius (536 degrees Fahrenheit). This unit operates on 100V-120V/50Hz/60Hz.
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  4. Mixers

    Tisch Scientific is by far the premier provider of Mixers. Our products are found in science, industrial, and environmental fields, and we serve a multitude of clients. The Biologix Adjustable Speed Vortex Mixer (MX-S) operates on 120V/60Hz. Priced per unit.
  5. Centrifuges

    Tisch offers a variety of centrifuges. This includes micro, mini, and fll-size benchtop options; low to high-speed options, and a range of rotor configurations. This variety means our centrifuges cover every possible application both in and outside of the laboratory setting.

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