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Tisch Scientific isthe premier provider of Laboratory Mixers. Our products are found in science, industrial, and environmental fields, and we serve a multitude of clients.

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  1. Tisch Vortex Shaking Mixers

    Tisch Vortex Shaking Mixers provide a 4.5mm Vortexing Orbit with up to a 50ml loading capacity. These cost efficience and reliable units supply shaking speeds of up to 4000RPM. They are manufactured of durable chemical corrosion resistant plastic and come with an integrated 12V low-voltage power converter. These units can be used with both test tubes and centrifuge tubes and have a 30mm maximum diameter oscillating vessel.
  2. Tisch Rotating Mixers

    Choose from our digital rotating mixer that provides simultaneous rolling and tilting, or our LCD rotating mixers with 10+ rotating/mixing programs pre-installed. Our LCD rotating mixers come with replaceable rack confirgurations depending on your mixing needs and tube sizes. They have adjustable roatation speeds of 1-99RPM and are both cold room and incubator compatible. These units are adjustable for speed and time. Our rolling and tilting digital mixer has a seven roller design that provides a small footprint and is exceptionally easy to clean. It has an adjustable speed of 10-99RPM.

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