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Tisch Mini Centrifuges

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Product Features:
● Quiet working noise: Patented special motor, less than 47dB, not to exceed 49dB.
● Low vibration: Well designed shock absorber with very lower vibration.
● Small size, large capacity: The capacity provided is larger than most similar sized competitive products, the largest capacity can be 2ml8.
● Convenient rotor replacement: no tools needed.
● Large centrifugal force: The Max RCF can be 3200G.
● Quick Stop: Two ways are allowed for stopping, free stop no longer than 15 seconds, and cover braking time no longer than 3 seconds.
● Spatial-rotation for 360°arc shape: Low wind resistance, with slow temperature increase.
● Filtration and voltage regulations: Provides smooth running centruge, with minimal rotation rate difference.

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