Tisch Scientific Low-Speed Centrifuge, TS-C

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Low Speed Centrifuge Technical Data

Speed regulation accuracy ±30 r/min
Digital Timer up to 100 minutes
Noise ≤60dB(A)
Voltage AC220V / 110V - 50Hz 5A
Power 130W
Dimensions 375*320*240 mm(L*W*H)
Weight 5.5kg
Speeds Programmable for 500-5,000 RPM
Maximum RCF 3,074
Safety features Intelligent electronic lock
Automatic fault alarm
Power 130W

Perfect for Any Lab

The versatility, affordability, and compact build make this centrifuge are perfect for a wide range of laboratory applications? Some common applications this product is suitable for include:

  • Life Science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Blood Separation
  • PRP Cosmetics
  • Biochemistry

This centrifuge is compact in size, saving valuable lab space with its slight footprint of 37.5 x 32 cm. With its 1-year manufacturer's warranty, this centrifuge from Tisch is a great addition to any lab.


Rotor Variations

Rotor SKUs

TS-R-6 TS-R-8 TS-R-12
Max capacity

6 centrifuge tubes - 15 ml

8 centrifuge tubes - 15 ml


blood collection tubes - 5/10 ml


LC-6S LC-8S LC-12-S

Expanded Versatility

The Tisch Low-Speed Centrifuge is the ideal centrifuge for most lab environments. It has a low cost and a small footprint, yet boasts remarkable versatility. The large programable screen allows you to select rotation speed from 500 to 5,000 rpm.

There are three rotor sizes are available to match your every need:

  • TS-R-6 holds six 15 ml centrifuge tubes
  • TS-R-8 hold eight 15 ml centrifuge tubes
  • TS-R-12 holds twelve 5-10 ml blood collection tubes


Additional Product Features:

  • Stepless Speed Regulation
  • Transparent Viewing Window
  • Easy-to-Replace Rotor Configurations
  • Automatic End-of-Cycle Lid
    Opening Function


The Right Combination of Size and Speed

When you need to process larger samples than our micro and minicentrifuge models can accommodate, this benchtop product may be right for you. With speeds up to 5,000 rpm or 3,074 RCF, this centrifuge is perfect for the separation of biological samples such as blood, cellular materials, urine, sperm, and more.

Low-speed centrifuges like this model are also commonly used in these clinical applications:

  • PRP
  • PRF
  • Lipid Cell Separation
  • Stem Cell Isolation
  • Gentle Spin-Down or Washing of Primary Cell and Cell Lines

If you are in need of higher speeds, consider these alternatives from Tisch Scientific

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