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Membrane Filters, Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE, .65um, 2um, 13mm

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Material Material
  1. MCE (1)
Pore Size
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  6. 90mm (1)
  7. 142mm (1)
  8. 293mm (1)
  1. Nonsterile (1)

Membrane Filters, Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE, .65um, 2um, 13mm


Whatman’s range of membrane filters with advanced technical specifications are the preferred choice for a wide range of applications. The membrane filters offer accurately controlled pore size distribution and higher strength and flexibility, which ensure reproducibility and consistency.

Tisch Scientific supplies competitively-priced Whatman membrane filters, including PTFE Filters, PVDF Membrane Filters, Nylon Membrane Filters, Cellulose Acetate Membrane Filters, Polypropylene Membrane Filters, PES Membrane Filters, Track Etched Polycarbonate Membrane Filters and MCR Membrane Filters.

Whether you’re performing simple bottle-top filtration or operating a complex vacuum manifold system, our expert staff is ready to help you with your membrane filter selections. In addition to consultations, we also offer a sample program that will be shipped to you right away.
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  1. MCE Membrane Filters, 0.65 um, 13mm, Nonsterile, 200 per pack, SF14614 MCE Membrane Filters, 0.65 um, 13mm, Nonsterile, 200 per pack, SF14614

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