PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane Filters, 5.0 um, 47mm, Nonsterile, 200 per pack, SF18122

Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane Filters, 5.0um, 47mm, Nonsterile, 200 per pack
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Product Specifications
Pore Size (um) 5.0
Flow rate (ml/min/cm2) >196.9
Thickness (mm) 0.05-0.01
Bubble Point (MPa) >0.007
Maximum Temperature 123 degrees celsius
Substrate Polypropylene
Sterilization Autoclave: 121 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes
Gamma: 5kg, for 8 hours
Commonly Used Applications
Organic Solvents
Aqueous Solutions, Acids, Bases, Aromatics
Incompatible With
Concentrated sulfuric acid
Hydrogen Peroxide

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