Tisch Scientific PTFE PM2.5 Air Monitoring Membrane Filter, 2.0 µm, 46.2 mm, w/Support Ring, Sequentially Numbered, 50 Pack, SF18040

Tisch PM2.5 PTFE membrane filters are designed for PM2.5 air monitoring. These high-purity, thin filtration devices are sequentially numbered and housed in chemically resistant polypropylene support rings for ambient air sampling.

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Product Details

Tisch PM 2.5 Ambient Air Monitoring Filters are composed of 2.0um PTFE membranes with a 46.2mm diameter, combined with a Polypropylene support ring ideal for ambient air sampling. Their thermally-stable design and natural chemical resistance make them suitable to withstand environmental pollutants that may contain an array of contaminants, yet still deliver clear and precise results. The Polypropylene support ring assures a flat membrane that does not curl, and makes the Filter very user-friendly. These Filters feature a low tare mass for accurate gravimetric determinations. They meet the requirements for EPA FRM PM 2.5 under 40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L and come sequentially-numbered.

40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L

40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L calls for a Filter that meets listed parameters in section 6.0. The Product Spec Table reflects the criteria that each lot of Tisch Scientific SF18040 PM2.5 Ambient Air Monitoring Filters are tested against for quality assurance, next to this criteria is the referenced section number from 40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L that calls for these parameters.

Product Uses & Filtration Applications

  • PM 2.5 Air Monitoring
  • For Use in a Tisch Environmental TE-WILBUR-10

Product Support Documents

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Attribute SF18040 Spec Range/Test Method 40CFR Part 50, Appendix L Section
Filter Media PTFE Teflon N/A 6.2
Filter Thickness 40 µm ±10 6.5
Filter Diameter 46.2 mm ±0.25 6.1
Filter Pore Size 2.0 µm ASTM F 316-94 6.4
Total Support Ring Thickness 0.38 mm ±0.04 6.3
Support Ring Width 3.68 mm ±0.00, -0.51 6.3
Particle Retention (0.3 µm ) 97% ASTM D 2986-95a 6.8
Pressure Drop (0.03 µm) @16.67 liters/min. 30 cm H20 ASTM D 2986-95a 6.6
Alkalinity 25 u eq/g of Filter EPA/600-R-94/038b, Section 2.12 6.10
Weight Loss <20 µg Above 6.9
Loose Particles <20 µg Above 6.9.1
Moisture Pickup <10 µg Above 6.7
Pack Size 50 N/A N/A
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