Biologix 200 µL Clear Polypropylene Sterile Pipette Tips, 9,600 Pack, 23-0201

These RNase and DNA free universal pipette tips are compatible with a huge range of industry-standard pipettes and pipettor brands.
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Biologix pipette tips from Tisch are made for us with a wide variety of standard laboratory pipettes in order to reduce sample contamination and ensure accurate, precise pipetting.


  • Materials: Tips are made of PP, filters are made of UHMWPE
  • Chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents
  • 100% inert
  • Tips are autoclavable
  • Certified Rnase & Dnase free
Product Code23-0201
Volume200 μl
SterilitySterile, DNase/RNase Free
MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Pack Size9,600 Tips

Pipette Compatibility

Pipettor Brand
Volume Range
Axygen Axypet (single channel)20 -200 μl
Axygen Axypet (multichannel)20 -200 μl
Biohit m-Line (multichannel)20-200 μl, 5-100 μl, 30-300 μl
Biohit Proline (single channel)10-250 μl
Biohit Proline (multichannel)5-100 μl, 25-250 μl
BrandTech Transferpette (single channel)20-200 μl, 25-250 μl
Capp Aero (multichannel)25-200 μl, 50-300 μl
Eppendorf Electronic2-200 μl
Eppendorf Reference (single & multichannel)20-200 μl, 100-1000 μl
Eppendorf Research (single channel)25-200 μl
Eppendorf Research (multichannel)20-300 μl, 30-300 μl
Gilson Pipetman (single channel)P200 20-200 μl
Labnet Labpette (single channel)20-200 μl
Labnet Labpette (multichannel)20-200 μl, 50-300 μl
Labnet BioPette E (single channel)10-200 μl
Labnet BioPette E (multichannel)10-200 μl
Matrix Impact/Impact (s/mc)5-250 μl
Rainin EDP3 (single channel)E2-250,25-250 μl
Rainin EDP3 (multichannel)P200-M8, 20-200 μl (m/ch), EP-M8-250, 10-250 μl
Rainin Latch ModeR200, 20-200 μl
Socorex Calibra/Accura (single channel)20-200 μl
Socorex Calibra/Accura (multichannel)5-50 μl, 10-100 μl, 20-200 μl, 50-200 μl
VWR & VWR Signature (single channel)20-200 μl, 50-250 μl
VWR & VWR Signature (multichannel)20-200 μl, 50-300 μl
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