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Pipettes and Filter Tips

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  1. Pipette Tips

    Biologix Clear Polypropylene Non-Sterile (RNase & DNase FREE) Autoclavable Pipette Tips have molded graduations, and are available in Racked or Bulk packaging. This item is priced per case.
  2. Pipette Filler

    We provide high-quality Pipette Fillers to clients around the world and our commitment to well-crafted products and customer-friendly prices sets us apart from our competitors. The Biologix Levo Plus Pipette Filler is compatible with glass or plastic pipettes, and features an AC Adaptor. This item is priced and sold individually.
  3. Dpette Digital Pipette

    At Tisch Scientific, our customer advocates are friendly and knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions that you may have about dPette Digital Pipettes. The Biologix dPette Digital Pipette features 3 dispensing speeds and a single-channel adjustable volume in 4 different size options.
  4. Transfer Pipettes

    Biologix 1 mL General Purpose Transfer Pipettes are made of polyethylene, and are disposable. They are available with molded graduations at increments of 0.25 mL, up to 1mL (26 drops per mL), or with molded graduations at increments of 0.5mL, up to 3.0 mL (22 drops per mL). The total length is 16 cm for the 6.2ml option, and 16 cm for the 7.5ml option. This item is available in a non-sterile bulk pack or gamma-radiation-sterilized, individually-wrapped options. This item is priced per case (2000 pipettes).
  5. Mechanical Pipettes

    Biologix Micropette Plus Mechanical Pipettes and Biologix Micropette Plus 8 Channel Mechanical Pipettes feature single-channel adjustable volume. Available in 3 sizes.
  6. Filter Tips

    Biologix Non-Sterile Low Retention Filter Tips are made using medical grade polypropylene tips and hyperphobic UHMWPE filters. The filter is 1.6mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick. This item is priced per case (10,000 pieces).