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Shop our extensive selection of high-quality chromatography lab products to ensure the most accurate and reliable analysis of your lab samples. Our products include chromatography vials, vial caps, septa, micro-inserts, crimpers, decrimpers and vial racks at competitive prices. We offer hundreds of products for your lab’s specific chromatography analysis needs, including options for colors, sizes, materials, shapes and maximum temperatures. Products are designed to work perfectly with most autosamplers including Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo Fisher, Perkinelmer and Techcomp.

  1. Chromatography Vials

    Tisch Chromatography Vials are supplied in screw neck, crimp neck, or snap ring configurations. They can be purchased either in clear, or amber color, and in milliliters ranging from 0.3mL to 60mL. Current thread types available for our chromatography vials are: 15-425, ND13, 10-425, 8-425, ND9, ND24, ND11 (Crimp Neck), ND20 (Crimp Neck), ND11 (Snap Ring), ND18, and short screw. Caps and Septa are sold separately.
  2. Caps for Chromatography Vials

    Tisch Scientific provides an array of vial caps for our chromatography vials. They are supplied in a multitude of colors such as, black, white, red, blue, aluminum, natural, and more. They are designed to fit the specific vial threads you are looking for and can come with our without septa included. Our vial caps are produced in Polypropylene, Aluminum, or Magnetic Metal materials.
  3. Septa for Chromatography Vials

    Tisch Scientific chromatography septa are manufactured with quality and temperature resistance in mind, some of our septa being able to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees celsius. You can choose from a large variety of PTFE to Silicone configurations in color combinations using, red, white, blue, natural, yellow, gray, transparent, and much more. We also offer our Septa in pre-slit options.
  4. Micro-Inserts

    If you are looking for micro-inserts for your chromatography vials, we supply them in conical bottom, flat bottom, with Mandrel Interior's and Polymer Feet forms. They are also designed to fit several sizes of chromatography vials such as ND8, ND9, and 8-425 threaded vials.
  5. Vial Racks

    Tisch Scientific vial racks are made from high quality polypropylene and hold 50 standard chromatography vials in either 1.5mL 12 mm or 4mL 15 mm sizes. The racks are autoclavable making them perfect for use in laboratories, medical settings, research and more.
  6. Crimpers and Decrimpers

    Tisch Scientific provides Hand Crimpers, and Decrimpers for use with 11mm-20mm cap openers and 11mm-20mm, crimp seals. They are produced with quality and durability in mind and are stocked in our Cincinnati, Ohio warehouse.

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