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CryoKING Cryovials

Purchase our cryoking cryovials and get 2 free cryoking cryoboxes with your order. These cryovials come barcoded or non-barcoded and are available in sizes of 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml, and 5.0ml. They are pre-assembled with red, green or blue caps. Contact us today if you have any questions about our cryoking cryovials.

Cryogenic Vials

Our clear Biologix polypropylene cryogenic vials are sterilized and come assembled with clear o-ring screw caps. They come available in either conical bottoms or self standing bottoms. We provide them in sizes of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5ml. Bulk packaged in cases of 2,000 pieces.

Stainless Steel Freezer Racks

Our Biologix stainless steel freezer racks are available with sliding drawers, side access, or frame types. These freezer racks are compatible with 1” and 2” storage box options (sold separately). They are provided in 3x4, 3x5, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6 formats.

CryoKING Cryogenic Boxes

Tisch Scientific is a trusted provider of cryoking cryogenic boxes. The cryoking cryogenic boxes are available in 1-Inch or 2- Inch options with 100 wells per box. They are produced with blue polycarbonate and are autoclavable. Two dimensions are available, 133x133x53mm or 133x133x36mm.

Cardboard Freezer Boxes

Are you looking for cardboard freezer boxes for you cryogenic storing needs? We supply 2 inch cryogenic storage boxes with a temperature range of -196C to 121C. They are available with 16, 36, 81, or 100 wells and have a numbered grid on the lid. Suitable for use nitrogen and autoclavable.

Polycarbonate and Polypropylene Freezer Boxes

Tisch Scientific supplies 2 and 3 Inch: 25, 81, or 100 well polycarbonate freezer boxes. They come with a removable lid, numeric grid for identification purposes, and are available in assorted colors (red, yellow, green, blue and white). Also supplied are 2 Inch 25, 81, or 100 well Polypropylene freezer boxes.These also come with a removable lid, numeric grid for identification purposes, and are available in assorted colors (clear, pink, blue, green and yellow).

CryoKING Combo

The cryoking combo is composed of 0.5ml clear polypropylene sterile pre-set bottom 2D barcoded cryovials with external thread and caps assembled and come loaded in CryoKING 1-inch 100-well, blue polycarbonate, scan-ready, autoclavable, cryogenic storage boxes (dimensions: 133x133x36mm). The cryovials have writing patches and marked graduations. This product is available with white or blue caps, and the boxes have marked numeric grid for identification purposes.
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