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  1. Cell Scrapers and Lifters

    Biologix Cell Scrapers and Cell Lifters are polyethylene, disposable, gamma-radiation-sterilized, and individually-wrapped. They have a handle length of 18 or 25 cm, and a blade length of 1.8 cm. Available in case sizes of 100 or 200.
  2. Cell Strainers

    Biologix 40, 70, or 100um Cell Strainers are made of nylon mesh, and are compatible with Biologix 50ml Centrifuge Tubes. They have a polypropylene frame with a molded tab for easy handling. Gamma-radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic, and individually-wrapped. The size is denoted by color: 40um = purple, 70um = orange, and 100um = green. Available in cases of 100.
  3. Centrifuge Tubes

    Biologix 15ml Plug-Seal Centrifuges are made of clear polypropylene, are gamma-radiation-sterilized, and are non-pyrogenic RCF<8,400 xG. These centrifuge tubes include screw-on caps, conical bottoms, and white printed graduations. They are available in Racked or Bag options. Priced per case (500 tubes).
  4. Deep Well Plates

    Biologix Polypropylene Non-Sterile Deep-Well Plate features round wells, and comes without a cap. This item is priced per case. Still have questions before you select your Deep Well Plates? Contact us by phone at 513-467-0222 in Cincinnati, Ohio or at
  5. Micro Centrifuge Tubes

    Biologix 1.5ml Clear Polypropylene Non-Sterile (RNase & DNase FREE) Conical Bottom Micro Centrifuge Tubes have attached flat caps or safe lock caps. These tubes have frosted writing area and marked graduations. This item is priced per case (5000 tubes).
  6. Microtube Racks

    Biologix 80 Well Polypropylene Assorted Color Microtube Racks are for use with 1.5ml or 2.0ml microtubes. They have molded numeric grid for identification purposes, and are available in a variety of color options (red, blue, purple, green and yellow). This item is priced by case (20 racks).
  7. Microtube Screw Caps

    Biologix Polypropylene Non-Sterile Screw Cap comes with an O-Ring Seal, and is for use with microtubes. They are available in 5 different colors (clear, pink, blue, green, and yellow), or are available in an assorted color pack. There are 500 pieces per pack, and 10 packs per case. This item is priced per case (5,000 pieces). Tubes are sold separately.
  8. PCR Plates

    Biologix 96 Well Clear Polypropylene Non-Sterile (RNase & DNase FREE) Half-Skirted PCR Plates have a working volume of 0.2ml per well. The plates have alphanumeric well coding for identification purposes. This item is priced per case (100 plates).
  9. Petri Dishes

    Biologix Petri Dishes come in size options of 90x15mm, 150x15mm or 60x15mm. These petri dishes are Polystyrene, EO-Sterilized, have a Triple-Vented Lid and Stackable Design, and are intended for Microbiology Research.
  10. Screw Cap Micro Tubes and Caps

    Biologix Clear Polypropylene Non-Sterile Conical Bottom Microtubes are available in three sizes (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5mL). This item is priced per case. Caps are sold separately.
  11. Slide Storage Boxes and Mailers

    Biologix Slide Mailer and Storage Boxes come with an index sheet and are available in an assortment of colors. The mailers feature finger slots for easy removal, as well as a folding lid to protect sample on slides. This item is priced per case.
  12. Solution Basins

    Biologix Solution Basins are available in multiple materials, sizes and colors (5 different color options or an assorted color pack. The basins come individually wrapped or in bulk packaging. This item is priced per case.
  13. Test Tubes and Caps

    At Tisch Scientific, we guarantee that your shopping experience will be simple and quick. Our Test Tubes and Caps are easy to find and to order, and our staff is readily available to assist you if any problems do arise. The Biologix Clear Polystyrene Non-Sterile Test Tubes are available in 5mL or 8mL options. Caps are sold separately.
  14. Tri-Cornered Beakers

    Biologix Tri-Cornered breakers are made of Clear Polypropylene, are disposable/reusable, and are autoclavable. They feature three pour spouts, as well as molded graduations. Our beakers are available in 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 400mL, or 1000mL options. This item is priced per case (100 beakers).

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