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Tisch Scientific Supplies Digital Rotary Evaporators in sizes of 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Liters.

These Rotary Evaporators are most commonly utilized in small and large-scale biology, pharmacy, chemical and food applications. They can be included in various systems that may include water vacuum pumps, diaphragm vacuum pumps, low temperature curculating pumps, circulating coolers, constant temperature circulators, and low temperature cooling liquid circulating pumps.

Our Digital Rotary Evaporators provide the following advantages:

  • Double seals of PTFE and flourous rubbers to ensure high vacuum power
  • Advanced frequency conversion control system
  • High quality temperature control system
  • Vacuum transfer valve that can collect continuously without affecting the vacuum or solvent distillation
  • Easy to use manual and electric lifting of water bath
  • Corrosion resistant and non-polluting PTFE discharge valve
  • Protective jacket on the outside of the heating kettle to prevent scalding

Our customer support team is here to help. If you have any additional questions on our Rotary Evaporators please contact us directly at 513-467-0222 or feel free to utilize our customer support chat located on the right side of the page. We are located locally in Cincinnati, Ohio and all of our stock ships in 1 business day!

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