COVID-19 Viral Testing Kits & Products

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Shop viral testing equipment and laboratory products for COVID-19 viral testing, influenza testing and more. Explore our industry-standard viral testing kits and broad selection of viral testing products and equipment, from pipettes to swabs, centrifuges and more.

Tisch Scientific has provided top-quality laboratory testing products to customers, laboratory researchers and medical professionals for over 30 years. Call us at 513-467-0222 for questions about products, product availability and bulk discounts.

Lab Necessities

Ensure the most accurate analysis of your lab samples with our competitively-priced products for viral testing and research, including swabs, pipettes and filter tips, vial racks, desiccant packets and proteinsaver cards.

Viral Testing Kits

Viral testing kits are used to collect respiratory specimens from individuals who display symptoms of the SARS-CoV2 virus. Tisch Scientific’s COVID-19 Viral Testing Kit includes nasal swabs and finger-stick blood collection products.


Swabs are used in viral testing kits to collect samples for lab analysis and research. Tisch Scientific supplies Whatman Omniswab packs of 100, used for buccal cell and saliva collection.

Pipettes and Filter Tips

Shop pipettes and filter tips for use in viral research and testing. Products include transfer pipettes, digital pipettes, mechanical pipettes, pipette tips, filter tips and pipette filler.

Desiccant Packets

Desiccant packets are used to help reduce the amount of moisture present in viral samples during transportation or storage. Tisch Scientific supplies Whatman Desiccant Packets of 1000.

Proteinsaver Cards

Proteinsaver cards help in viral sample transportation and also help lab researchers and analysts organize a panel of viral samples. Our competitively-priced Whatman Proteinsaver Cards are available for purchase in packs of 100.

Vial Racks

Shop vial racks for use in viral testing and research. Vial Racks are available for 1.5mL vials and 4mL vials in blue color with 50 holes per rack.

Lab Equipment

Browse our selection of industry-standard lab equipment for viral testing and research, including micro centrifuges, incubators and stirrers.

Micro Centrifuges

Shop our selection of micro centrifuges for use in viral testing and research. Products include micro centrifuges, mini centrifuges, microspin centrifuges and microplus centrifuges. All micro centrifuges are designed and equipped for precision in your laboratory work.


Incubators protect lab samples from temperature changes and humidity, oxygen and carbon monoxide levels. Shop our selection of incubators for use in viral testing and research. All incubators are designed and equipped for precision in your laboratory work.


Products include magnetic stirrers and magnetic stirrers/hotplate combos. Tisch Magnetic Stirrers are available in plate sizes of 12x12 cm, 17x17cm, and 19x19cm. All stirrers are designed and equipped for precision in your laboratory work.
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