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Microcentrifuges, also known as microfuges, are pieces of laboratory equipment used to spin small liquid samples (usually 2 mL or less) at extremely high speeds. Microcentrifuges are used in many different types of labs and settings, including pharmaceutical, biological, forensic, clinical and environmental labs, blood banks, hospitals and universities.

Tisch Scientific has provided top-quality laboratory testing products to customers, laboratory researchers and medical professionals for over 30 years. All Tisch Scientific microcentrifuges are designed and equipped for precision in your laboratory work.

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  1. Tisch SmartSpin Microcentrifuges

    Tisch SmartSpin Microcentrifuges provide an RCF range of 3240xg-9151xg. They have adjustable speeds of 1000-7000rpm or 1000-12000rpm. These microcentrifuges boast double the capacity of various competing product brands. Enjoy an easy to use and efficent LCD display of time and speed, along with a 1 second - 999 minute timer. Multi Rotors provided for both tubes and strips.
  2. Tisch Mini Centrifuges

    Our standard Tisch Mini Centrifuges provide an extremely low dB rating of 47 to minimize noise. Built in shock aborbers also minimize unnecessary vibration. These mini centrifuges are designed with rotor replacement in mind, no tools are required! The 360 degree arc shape provides you with low wind resistance and slow temperature increase. These mini centrifuges also come with filtration and voltage regulation to provide smooth operation and minimal rotation difference. RPM speeds range from 4000-12000rpm with max RFC's of 8550xg on some units. These mini-centrifuges can fit 8, 0.2ml/0.5ml/1.5ml/2ml tubes.
  3. Tisch MicroSpin and MicroPlus Centrifuges

    These extremely compact microcentrifuges supply an exceptionally small footprint. They have a rotor capacity of 12 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes. Max rotational speeds available up to 14500rpm with adjustable increments of 1000rpm. The relative centrifugal force supplied by these units max's out at 14100xg. They come with a metal rotor that can be autoclaved at 121 degrees celsisu for 20 minutes. The inner lid of the centrifuge is chemically resistant. These units conform to IEC 1010-2-020 safety regulations.

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