Customer Service Answers

Tisch Scientific is not a scientific laboratory, and we typically have very limited knowledge on our customers’ various applications.
We do provide a large array of resources, including product guides and compatibility charts, on our website. Click here
That can aid our customers in their search for the right product. We also understand how difficult it can sometimes be to find the right one, so please feel free to request samples from us so you can test the products before making a formal purchase. Samples can be requested by navigating to the specific product page.

Please send all Vendor Forms and W9 requests to salesteam@tisch-env.com and we will respond to you in 1 business day.

When visiting a product’s page, click the “Request a Sample” button conveniently located under the “Add to Cart” button. Providing all the information requested on the form will speed up the process. as well as help to assure that you are given the most competitive prices and suitable product. Your request will go directly to our team of Customer Advocates. Most requests are processed in one business day.

You can also submit a sample via our Contact Us page, by simply clicking the “Submit a Ticket” button.

Please submit a ticket on our ticket system by clicking here.
Select “request a quote,” in the dropdown for category & indicate the product you would like us to quote and the quantity needed. Please provide as much information as possible. Our typical response time is in one working day.

International Customer Answers

For international customers our website does not calculate freight charges. Our sales representatives have to calculate this separately to ensure the best rates are achieved.
Please place your order online using our international shipping option and wire transfer payment selection. Once the order is placed a representative will contact you to discuss your payment options and provide an accurate invoice with shipping charges.

Distributors and Discounts Answers

Tisch Scientific sells direct from our locations in Cincinnati, Ohio (United States), and we offer international shipping. At this time we do not have any exclusive distributors internationally.
Please feel free to purchase on our website.

Yes we do provide re-seller discounts.
Rules, restrictions, and MOQ’s may apply depending on the product and re-seller’s situation. Please contact us at salesteam@tisch-env.com or by phone at 513-467-0222 for a formal quote.

Our prices remain very competitive and since academic institutions make up a large portion of our customer base, our website pricing already reflects a deep discount intended for these institutions.
If you are looking to order a fairly large quantity of a particular product, please contact us at salesteam@tisch-env.com or by phone at 513-467-0222 to get a formal quote for any quantity price breaks that may be available.

Website Answers

We require a minimum order amount of 75 USD for domestic orders and 250 USD for international orders (not including shipping charges). The Check Out button will not work if you cart reflects a total less than that.  If you experience any technical difficulties in placing an order on our website, please contact us at salesteam@tisch-env.com or by phone at 513-467-0222.

Our website is programmed to log off automatically when the browser is closed.  Payment information is not saved on your customer profile.

We allow collect shipping through UPS and FedEx only. If you would like your order to ship collect through these carriers please contact us via phone at 513-467-0222 to place your order so you are not charged shipping costs on our website.

Product Answers

Tisch Brand Capsule Filters, Syringe Filters, Membrane Filters, & Disk Filters can all be autoclaved.
Please contact us at salesteam@tisch-env.com or by phone at 513-467-0222 if you would like to find out the recommended autoclaving temperature for the product you are interested in.

No, our filters are disposable and they should not be re-used. Autoclaving is meant for sterilization only,
not to clean and re-use the filters.

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