PTFE Membrane Filters, 2.0 um, 37mm with PP substrate, Nonsterile, 100 per pack, SF18117

Tisch Scientific polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE) membrane filters from Tisch are made to both sterilize gas and clarify liquids in lab environments. Their PTFE membranes are hydrophobic and resistant to aggressive media and corrosive solvents, making them ideal for a variety of filtration applications.
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Product Details

The polypropylene grid support material and the PTFE membrane makeup of these filters make them resistant to acidic solvents, alkali solvents, and chemically caustic material. The carbon-fluorine bonds in the membrane are incredibly strong, making them generally non-reactive and useful in an array of applications. Because they are hydrophobic by design, they can even filter aqueous aerosols effectively.

These replacement filters come in packs of 100 and can be used as replacements or refills for your 37 mm syringe filter housings, saving you money over time.

Product Uses & Filtration Applications

  • Organic Solvents with Strong Chemical Causticity
  • Strong Acidity Solvent Filtration
  • Alcohols
  • Alkali Solvent Filtration
  • Aromatics
  • Venting Applications

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Tisch Product Code SF18117
Filtration Area 17.3 cm^2
Wettability Hydrophobic
Pore Size 2.0 µm
Filter Size 37 mm
Membrane Thickness 130 µm
Substrate Polypropylene
Maximum Operating Temperature 123° C
Burst Pressure 87 psi
Flow Rate 350 ml/min/cm^2
Sterility Nonsterile
Sterilization Autoclave: 121° C for 30 Minutes
Gamma: 5kg, for 8 Hours
Pack Size 100
Incompatible With Aqueous Samples Without Rewetting.
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Manufacturer Tisch Scientific

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