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OEM excellence for your next micro-filtration requirement.

Tisch Scientific has been providing original equipment manufacturers with custom solutions in membrane filters, syringe filters and capsule filters for over 10 years now. We are confident that we can help you with your next application. Listed below are just some of our capabilities.
1. Laser cutting of membrane filters, filter paper, mesh filters and fabrics
We go from drawing to laser cutting in record time. Long runs as well as short runs are all part of the service. Let us maximize your time, minimize waste and provide a close tolerance laser cut to your exact specifications. See details in a You Tube Video
OEM membrane filters
2. Packaging and labeling
Let us design your packaging and labeling in house and help you retain your aftermarket sale. Custom labeling with your logo and description is an everyday procedure for us.
OEM syringe filters
3. Quality assurance, first article inspection, independent lab analysis, certifications.
Our certified facilities for manufacturing, customer service, inventory and distribution are your assure of unsurpassed quality and consistency. Our systemic approach to our business is fully documented and audited both internally and independently. Request a copy of our quality manual
4. Custom stocking program and order fulfillment
Let us do the packaging, stocking and shipping for you within our fully integrated MRP system. Ask one of our Customer Advocates how easy it is to get started.
Original equipment manufacturing of syringe filters
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