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Whatman 3004-614, 4CHR 2CM x 100M REEL

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Whatman 3004-614, 4CHR 2CM x 100M REEL

Whatman 3004-614, 4CHR 2CM x 100M REEL

Whatman product code 3004-614
Filter MediaCellulose
Diameter or Size L X W2 cm x 100 m
Thickness0.21 mm
Flow Rate180 mm/30 min
Pack Size1
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Thickness .21 mm. Flow rate 18 mm/3 min. Fastest of the thin papers. Recommended for routine and/or repetitive chromatography when loadings are relatively low. Smooth surface. Very suitable where speed is important and very high resolution is not required.

  • Pure cellulose produced entirely from the highest quality cotton linters with no additives of any kind.
  • Manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques. This ensures the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that are important in chemical separations.
  • Also widely used in protein and nucleic acid blotting.