Low Priced Membrane Filters

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Often, we are asked, “What is the cheapest membrane filter available?” Our most cost efficient membrane materials for filtration, are Cellulose Acetate or Nylon. However, it should be taken into account that choosing a membrane filter based on cost efficiency alone could ultimately cause issues with the specific application it is being used for, or may not be compatible. It is recommended that the user decide what membrane is best suitable for them based on a multitude of parameters. The most common parameters being:

What is the solvent that is being filtered and what are it's characteristics?

Some solvents can be aqueous, thus requiring a membrane material that is hydrophilic as opposed to hydrophobic to facilitate flow. Other solvents can be non-polar and may require a more hydrophobic membrane material. See some of our helpful resources below: Syringe Filters for Aqueous Solutions Syringe Filters for Organic Solvents Basic Filtration Concepts

Does this solvent require pre-filtration?

There are times when a solvent may have a heavy particulate load that would require a pre-filter to extend the life of the membrane and increase flow rate. If you find that your membrane filter is clogging very quickly or filtering very slow, this may be a solution for you. See some of our helpful resources below: Basic Filtration Concepts

Are there chemicals in this solvent?

Membrane materials can be incompatible with specific chemicals or solvents, causing the membrane to deteriorate over time, or even effect the filtration capacity. It is important you review the chemical compatibility of each membrane filter. See some of our helpful resources below: Membrane Filter Chemical Compatibility Chart

Will this filter be used in analytical research where the filter surface should easily facilitate particle detection?

Membrane materials such as MCE (Mixed Cellulose Esters) are used commonly in applications where particle detection or quantifying is necessary after filtration. View our MCE Membrane Filters here

Is maximum protein recovery important to your application?

If protein recovery is important to your application you’ll want to use a low protein binding material. See some of our helpful resources below: Filter Media Selector

Will these filters be used for extractables testing?

We offer a few different types of membrane materials suitable for extractables testing. See some of our helpful resources below: Syringe Filters for Extractables

Are you searching for a filter that will be used as protection to an in-line vacuum filter system?

Due to their hydrophobic nature, most commonly our PTFE Membranes are used for equipment protection from aqueous solutions. View our PTFE Membranes here View our PTFE Syringe Filter here View our PTFE Disk Filters here

Requesting Samples

These multiple parameters can play a very large part in your application.  If you are still struggling to find the appropriate filters for your application Tisch Scientific offers free product samples for testing prior to purchase. In order to request samples simply click the green, “Request a Sample,” button on any product page. Or click here. We will promptly send you samples within a business day.
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