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Tisch Scientific offers an extensive selection of proven, yet affordable syringe filters that are in stock and ready to ship today. Selected for their durability, material quality and performance characteristics, our syringe filters deliver accurate, measurable results at a fraction of the cost.

Available in a wide variety of materials, diameters, and in sterile and non-sterile options, these syringe filters provide quick, excellent microfiltration for use in environmental, biotechnology, food/beverage, agricultural and many other applications.

Tisch Scientific provides Sterile Glass Fiber syringe filters that are ideal for the filtration of extrememely visous samples that would typically clog other standard syringe filters. These hydrophilic syringe filters are known for their excellent compatibility with organic solvents, strong acids and bases.

Sterile Glass Fiber syringe filters feature high dirt-loading capicty along with high throughputs. they are commonly  used for solvent filtration where it is necessary to avoid binder extractions. Other applications where Sterile Glass Fiber syringe filters may be utilized include: Pre-filtration of viscous serums and tissue media samples prior to analysis, filtration of cell media seperations prior to sterilization, and clarification of dirt particulate-laden samples.

Our Sterile Glass Fiber syringe filters come individually packaged in blister packs which are labeled clearly with a sterility expiration date for efficient quality tracking. Tisch Scientific customer advocates are available to help you select the appropriate sterile glass fiber syringe filters for your application. We offer same day shipping for all products in stock along with free samples for testing prior to your purchase, contact us directly for more information.

Product Specifications
Wettability Hydrophobic
Maximum operating temperature 180 Degrees C
Burst pressure (psi) 87
Available Diameters 13mm, 25mm
Available Pore Sizes 0.70um, 1um
Housing material Polypropylene
Connections Available Female Luer Lock/Male Luer Slip

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